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The WVHS Committee is excited to announce the new entrance to Arena A (Coliseum) will be used at the 2018 Show. Bulk space has been added in Arena B (Grand Hall) in the West end of the room. The rows will run north to south in the Arena B (Lee Street to Quarrier Street) again this year, however, we will not have a center aisle, which will eliminate some of the end cap space.

The north loading dock (Lee Street) has been moved and will be closer to the entrance of Arena B. The ramp is much larger and will accommodate all of our needs.

WVHS Program/Advertising
The WVHS Committee is excited to announce that the Gazette-Mail will be the official program publisher as well as responsible for the advertising in the program. Distribution will be 50,000 and will be the program that individuals take home. Consider advertising: full page $1,275; 1/2 page for $750. And a business card size for $115.

There will be no displays in the lobby during the 2018 Show due to construction. Construction will not be a problem during the Show; all dock doors will be open.

All loading docks will be open.


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