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Home Builders Association of Greater Charleston
As a professional trade association, the Home Builders Association of Greater Charleston is dedicated to the principle that the American dream of homeownership is central to the community's spirit and well-being and that the ability to realize that dream must be preserved for all generations. To that end, the Association concerns itself with single family home construction, land development, and condominium and multi-family construction, remodeling and rehabilitation of existing property sales and marketing of new homes, community projects, governmental affairs and related building and housing activities.

The Association also serves the public as a referral agency on behalf of our members.

The Association is much more than a beautiful building, or a dedicated membership. It is an integral part of the community it serves. In its continuing effort to promote its principals and ideals, the Association is involved as an Education Partner with Carver Career & Technical Center and Ben Franklin. It’s members serve on numerous boards, promote and support activities throughout the Kanawha and Putnam County.

For more information about membership in the Home Builders Association of Greater Charleston call 304-744-2200.


MAXIMIZE YOUR VISIBILITY - The West Virginia Home Show website will remain "live throughout the year, offering you yet another opportunity to be "seen" by thousand of individuals seeking information on home related products and services. Individuals attending the West Virginia Home Show may misplace your business card, but still be able to locate you through your link to our website.

All you have to do is indicate on your West Virginia Home Show contract (under items) you want to link your site and complete the information below. Don’t forget to provide your company website address. The cost for a member of the Home Builders Association is $25.00; non-members $50.00.

Banner ads are also available on the West Virginia Home Show site; small (2" x 2.5") for members $75.00; non-members $100.00 and large (2" x 5") for members $100.00; non-members $125.00. Banner ads should be submitted in camera-ready art.

Please complete the website advertising form should you want a website link or a banner ad.

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